What is Tangoo?

Tangoo provides you the most personalized and seamless on-the-go way, to organize a perfect social outing. Tangoo understands your mood, occasion, and social graph, to craft the perfect outing of restaurants and venues tailored to you. Through nurturing crowd-sourced recommendations on what moods and occasions restaurants and venues best fit, Tangoo paints a story of how well a place matches your desired experience.

We solve the problem of spending time digging through online clutter by providing a seamless and fun three-step process to organize your outing. Going beyond cuisine-type and quality ratings, we filter by mood, situation, and occasion to ensure your outing is perfect and covers all the bases.

Tangoo also enhances your outing by encouraging restaurants to best cater the experience around your mood with perks and personalization.

Whether it’s a date, or a social/corporate group outing, your pocket concierge gets it done.

The story of Tangoo

The inspiration for Tangoo was to develop a way to make it simple and fun for people to plan a unique outing experience.

We noticed that too many people settle for the usual plan because they know that organizing a novel outing is usually more work than it’s worth doing. It can require a big time commitment and a lot of work as you try to break through obscene amounts of noise online. Because there really was no existing solution that focused on solving this problem, we saw it as a prime opportunity to step up.

Inception and inspiration

Tangoo was dreamed up a year after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics with the purpose of bringing back the spirit of fun and connectivity to Vancouver. It was co-founded by Paul and some friends at UBC alongside the founders of popular Online newspaper, Vancity Buzz. The magic of the Olympics was being able to be spontaneous and still have a great outing no matter where you ended up; it was impossible to escape the action of people, places, and good vibes. When the Olympics finished it seemed like things went back to normal. Suddenly, being spontaneous and planning a great outing became difficult again. We all know that the perfect outings are out there, but time restraints and lack of expert knowledge can make it seem out of reach.

We were determined to find a way to recreate perfect outinsgs so they would once again become part of our everyday lives. It’s these kinds of shared meaningful experiences that grow people closer together and there is no reason why they can’t ever be in your control.

Why we exist

Tangoo exists because we strongly believe in making it easy to connect people with the perfect outing. We value making each experience beyond the ordinary and personalized exactly to moods and tastes. Our mission is to have people walk away from every outing with the meaningful memories they deserve. These memories are what shape our future and give us the satisfaction that we’ve made the best of our time here.


Getting together over special occasions should be memorable and seamless. Having the right tools to optimize our special outings should live in one place. Information, recommendation, reservation, and payment should be at our fingertips.

• To connect the world with special outings that go beyond the ordinary

• To perfectly curate special outings based on mood and occasion

• To make the world more accessible, connected, and ultimately, more fun.

Tangoo in the media

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