Like most people, I am deeply curious with what the world expects out of me before my time is done. I am currently grounded by a strong foundation of values, morals, aspirations, and passions that I know I must follow to find my path. If I have to narrow it down for you, it is my passions and curiosities that have helped me find my focus. To make a significant impact on this world I have learned that the key is focusing on what you’re really good at and making sure it is fuelled by your passions and the things that allow for maximum fulfillment and eternal happiness. Staying aware of the past, focusing on the present, and being open to whatever the future brings are the keys to finding out how you can most make the world a better place. Now that we’re on the same page, here’s a run-down of where life has taken me so far.


Nothing excites me more than a good adventure and looking back before my infancy, I realize it hasn’t been by choice. It starts with my background and family tree. Ready?

I was born in Mexico City on June 16th, 1989. I however am not Mexican, not at all for that matter. My parents were both born in Mexico but their parents hail from the Europe, specifically: Romania (yes my last name gives that one away), Syria, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Further back, Spanish, Greek, and Italian backgrounds come to the surface and it seems that every time I visit my last remaining grandparent in Mexico, a new fact of my past is revealed.

I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1993 and have lived here ever since. I’ve been able to take some amazing vacations in Cuba, Israel, and back home to Mexico before my time out in Europe. My 8-month Europe adventure started with a 4-month magical exchange abroad semester at the ESADE School of Business in Barcelona in September 2010. I was able to cover most of the major spots of Western Europe and then when I returned for a 4-month internship for adidas in Germany, I covered more of Eastern Europe and a few spots I missed in the west the first time around.

As you might imagine, I really have no idea where I am really from and where i’ll end up, but for now, Vancouver is where I call home.

Professional Background

Like with my dizzying background, I have had my hand in a lot of interesting professional endeavours. If you’re curious, my LinkedIn is probably the best place to check that: ca.linkedin.com/in/pauldavidescu/

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