The True Meaning of Your Birthday

This Monday, I had the fortune of flipping another year on my life calendar to hit the quarter century milestone. For the first time, my perspective on the true meaning of a birthday took a different path. For the first 17 years of your life, getting older is awesome because you feel more significant and dominant than the other other kids at school. You also start to be that cool older dude who you used to hate when you were in grade 8 because they stole all your girls -now you get why. At 18 you can buy (or be in) porn and if you’re lucky enough to go to Universities in Alberta, Manitoba, or Quebec, you get to legally drink – score!

Turning 19 is the one I got to be excited about as I was allowed to retire the ID of my UBC twin and drink whenever and where ever I want. Then you have 20 and you realize you’re out of your teens and need to grow up ever so slightly. 21 really is the last year to be excited as you can even drink in the countries with the strictest and most unreasonable alcohol laws (I can only think of one) and then, it’s all down hill,right?

Well, in many cases, of course not. You’re turning into an adult and you start to appreciate some pretty damn important things that you were too distracted to think about when you were hitting on younger girls, watching porn, and drinking all over North America. My next milestone Birthday was my 25th where I officially was halfway to 30 and one quarter to 100 – giddy up!

My 25th Birthday

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.21.06 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.21.19 AM

Getting more to the point, this birthday was different. What was so great about it was how simple I kept it and how I focused on spending time with the people who really mattered in my life. Last year I tried a logistically crazy Tangoo night where it really had a weak turnout – this year had to be convenient and with the right people. I had a dinner closeby at The Eatery where 18 of us took over a longtable and enjoyed ourselves immensely. After sushi, drinks, and even a birthday cake it was time to pop up to kits for some good old dancing at Biminis – it was perfect.

The True Meaning of Your Birthday

1. The ones who show up, especially on short notice are the people who will make you a priority in life

2. It’s a unique time to bring together all the important people in your life to celebrate your friendships and build new ones amongst the likeminded crowd you connect

3. Growing another year older, is an opportune time to reflect and be grateful

4. It’s an accomplishment and special day that one must give themselves credit for and enjoy until the last moment

5. It is a reminder of all the wonderful people who fill the important gaps of your life, cherish it


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